Institution Types

Primary and Secondary Schools

These are schools that teach students up to the grade 12 level. Find out more information about schools from the Ministry of Education of the province in which you would like to study.

Post-secondary Institutions
Universities and Colleges
Post-secondary Institutions Post-secondary Institutions

Post-secondary schools include colleges, universities and technical schools. Each post-secondary school has its own set of rules on how to apply, and decides what level of English or French you will need to be accepted. For more information on post-secondary schools, contact:

  • Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

  • Association of Canadian Community Colleges

  • Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials

Also visit Education in Canada to get detailed profiles, requirements, application and admission information for programs of study at Canadian CEGEPs, colleges and universities.

Language Schools

There are many schools in Canada that teach English or French as a second language. Provincial governments regulate language programs at public institutions.

Most provincial governments do not regulate language programs at private schools. For more information about private language programs, contact:

Languages Canada -