There are many tertiary education organisations to choose from in New Zealand, so why choose UCOL? UCOL is a New Zealand Government Funded Institute of Technology, which is industry-driven and innovative. They offer a wide range of study options for international students who want to learn from their award-winning lecturers, in their high tech facilities.
They have partnerships with industry and provide students with work skills that give them the edge when competing for jobs. UCOL students have the opportunity to take part in competitions and industry awards. Regional employers help them shape their degrees and diplomas so they can better cater to their needs, and they often offer exciting project-based work for UCOL students.
At UCOL, they understand that technology uptake is paramount in helping students achieve personal goals for international employability. Their programmes reflect trends and innovation in the real world, so that graduates are work ready. By choosing to study at UCOL, international students can look forward to their future with confidence.
UCOL offers programmes in Information Technology & Business, English Language, Health & Science, Arts & Design, Trades & Industry, and Chef Training, as well as Bridging programmes.

The most popular programmes at UCOL for international students are Postgraduate Diplomas, Degrees and Diplomas in:

International student support

UCOL's dedicated, professional staff is experienced in looking after the educational, practical and social needs of international students.

The team in their International Office provide students with everything they need to succeed, including advice on enrolling and access to excellent support services and advice on making the most of their time at UCOL. Student Support Coordinators will help arrange student accommodation before arrival, and organise transport from the airport to accommodation. They will also help students open a bank account, organise travel and medical insurance, and take you around to places of interest (and on a scenic tour).

At a special Orientation Session students learn how UCOL looks after its students and about New Zealand culture, including tailored tutorials geared towards an understanding of New Zealand academic requirements. UCOL also offers financial advice and counselling for stress, health or study.

The UCOL Learning Services Team is available to assist students with course work and study, at all levels. Support is offered in a wide variety of areas, on a 'one-on-one' or 'small group' basis, and tailored to meet individual needs. Focus is placed on teaching strategies and skills, necessary for personal improvement, success and independence. The Library contains a comprehensive array of resources to support study. The Library staff is committed to helping students use these resources so they can develop the research and study skills they need.

UCOL staff follows the New Zealand Government's Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.


Our Locations
  • Palmerston North
    Private Bag 11022, Palmerston North, 4442, Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Wanganui
    16 Rutland Street, Whanganui, 4500, www.ucol.ac.nz